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[Sep. 24th, 2006|03:12 pm]
Birmingham Mixtapers!
[Current Location |Vana White's dressing room.]
[mood |please.]
[music |electric eyes.]


so, I know I sort of just started this thing and then left it be for a while but today I made that myspace community and I'm waiting on more feedback from people for people to get excited about this before we start just yet.  Trying to get more people involved.  The first tape is going to be free-form...however you want it.

A good idea for your first tape if you want is to put together some songs that you think best describe you or songs that you can relate to. Or whatever songs mean the most to you.

AND GET CREATIVE. for example...decorate the tapes, give them cool titles, give them inserts describing why you like each song or your favorites lyrics in each or what they are all about...whatever, put them in envelopes with writing or pictures all over it...whatever you want to do.

Try and recruit some more people and help my slow-working brain to figure out how all of this is really going to come together by talking to me about it. 

- Derek